Wednesday, 1 June 2011

thanx for the invitation ♥ :)

Omg.!. terharu tetiba bila dapat notification  di invite ke  Fashion Blogger Rehab Bazar.5th June at Empire Shopping Gallery ya!

more info:The Next Bazaar in Stellar : Organized by the Fashion Blogger herself Mas Angelina from and

Vendors are the fashion bloggers with a passion for fashion including Hana Tajima (Maysaa), Shea Rasol and Adriani (Pastelina), Hui Ting, Hui Wen,and Ami Schaheera (Schanaz).

Venue : Stellar Studio, B10-06 Soho Empire Shopping Gallery,47500 SS16/1 Subang Jaya!!!
(we're located in the SoHo block,to access,u have to register yourself at level UG's security beside Madam Kwan's to allow yourself up to the 10th floor)

for more info, email us at

and checkout Stellar on FB!

but soe dear i xdapat datang cz dekat terengganu skrg. next time insyallh i be there.
see u next event:)

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