Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A shoe, A dress, Sunglasses and a Prada Handbag.. ♥

I turn to blogging. =)

Felt like writing about some (personal) random thoughts this evening. After thinking twice, I decided not to. Kinda prefer not to write so much of that, here. i talk more on Twitter though (strange?) Much easier, quicker and simpler.  And yes, i do think it goes by without most ppl noticing. But here, it stays on the front page for some time, so that... kinda makes me uncomfortable. =) some of my friends think "Napa perlu ada acc Twitter? FB dah ada, cukup la."NO!  FB is not Twitter is not FB. =) i share most of my photos on FB.  i share most of my thoughts on Twitter.


        Moving on, It took me so long to post this photo about 

           A shoe, A dress, Sunglasses and a Prada Handbag.. ♥!

                       HAHA! Finally, got the chance to do it...

                     So much fun , I feel blessed. =')


Friday, 2 March 2012


 Pejam celik pejam celik!sudah masuk dua hari kita berada di bulan tiga tahun dua kosong satu dua!
God bless you has a chance to breathe oxygen secukupnya
terima kasih ya tuhan :) 


I wish y'all good night in twitter but I'm still awake in Blog world! 
I did try to sleep for a few second there but I don't know..
Suddenly felt like updating my blog so here I am!
This is about my photography in the forests during the past two to three weeks before

Ahhhhh..I think I really do need some sleep right now! Hope you'll enjoy these pictures as much as I've enjoyed taking them and I promise that I'll come out with a better and 'rajin' entry in the future provided that I have enough sleep and rest and of course the most important thing is ENOUGH FOOD!! Good night and may Allah SWT bless us all!

Much love from me ARA !