Friday, 2 March 2012


 Pejam celik pejam celik!sudah masuk dua hari kita berada di bulan tiga tahun dua kosong satu dua!
God bless you has a chance to breathe oxygen secukupnya
terima kasih ya tuhan :) 


I wish y'all good night in twitter but I'm still awake in Blog world! 
I did try to sleep for a few second there but I don't know..
Suddenly felt like updating my blog so here I am!
This is about my photography in the forests during the past two to three weeks before

Ahhhhh..I think I really do need some sleep right now! Hope you'll enjoy these pictures as much as I've enjoyed taking them and I promise that I'll come out with a better and 'rajin' entry in the future provided that I have enough sleep and rest and of course the most important thing is ENOUGH FOOD!! Good night and may Allah SWT bless us all!

Much love from me ARA !


  1. sy dah follw u...hihi nnt jgn lupa follw i balik yer...nice your pic hihhi :P

  2. kat mana ni..cantik + tuan rumh sekali..

  3. poto yang menarik dan bagus, monggo kunjungi gantian blogku di
    terima kasih

  4. nice photoshoot.. heheh cute and pretty... hit ur blog.. hit mine back.. hehehe

  5. nice photoshoot! anyway, dah follow sini.=)

  6. thnks all. sape nk beli baju yg i pakai tu jz pm me at fb or twitt k :)


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