Wednesday, 26 December 2012

kekok dengan blog sendiri! haih

Entah kenapa hari ni tangan gatal nk install blogspot at my iphone and setelah itu terus meluahkan perasaan ku di blog. nadikuaranickeyra@blogspot.,, haihh hampir terlupa da dengan link blog's means da terlalu lama i x bukak n update my blog! ttbe jadi kekok n rase laen macam bila nk update ! omg!! but i'm still in love with this blog..n i will try to update sekerap yang boleh nanti ya! ok jumpa lagi nanti ya :)

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Monday, 6 August 2012

oh August !


Means da semakin dekat nk bepisah jauh ngn MYMUM ! 
flight MYMUM to dubai n mekah da semakin dekat!:(
 But the moment I've been waiting for is ,,,
Slot machines, neon lights ♥


Salam Ramadhan 
1433 Hijrah.

Monday, 28 May 2012

i'm back. for good

Sorry i was away for quite some time.  Been really busy with work like seriously ;(

Actually i missed blogging so much. Banyak benda berlaku but tonight i don't really have time to write panjang panjang. Still have a a few things need to be done bfr go to bed.

I've updated new items at Nadi iara ShopHolic

So till then BYE!!

much love from me ARA.

Saturday, 5 May 2012


Hey hey! Banyak nak cerita, banyak nak update tapi masa begitu cepat berlalu sejak akhir-akhir ni mengakibatkan diri ini kelihatan begitu terkejar-terkejar dengan masa. Dan masa pula semakin di kejar, semakin dia berlalu laju. Namun diri ini tetap tegar mengejar, mengejar hingga suatu hari nanti, masa akan sedar yang Ara begitu bersungguh mengejar. Okay kalau tak faham tak apa. Zzz merepek sebenarnya... 
 ok hujung bulan lepas, i menghabiskan masa hujung minggu dengan berkunjung ke CARNIVAL Jom Heboh. yeaaayyyyyy!    Wow Jom tengok i jumpa dengan siapa di sana....!

With super humble JOHAN As'ari!

with Azlee Khairi hero dalam drama sinetron MAHABBAH! 

Dah, itu saja untuk hari ni. Selamat ya untuk semua.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Quick one !

Salam and hello there!

Just a quick one today!

I guess my choice of outfit nowadays are much more simpler than before.. Gettin' lazy? I guess so but the problem is-I always am lazy... That's the problem with having to many days off from work,the mind totally shuts down and became even lazier than before.. Ishhhh..Ishhhh...ara ..ara

Much Love from me, ARA! <3

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A shoe, A dress, Sunglasses and a Prada Handbag.. ♥

I turn to blogging. =)

Felt like writing about some (personal) random thoughts this evening. After thinking twice, I decided not to. Kinda prefer not to write so much of that, here. i talk more on Twitter though (strange?) Much easier, quicker and simpler.  And yes, i do think it goes by without most ppl noticing. But here, it stays on the front page for some time, so that... kinda makes me uncomfortable. =) some of my friends think "Napa perlu ada acc Twitter? FB dah ada, cukup la."NO!  FB is not Twitter is not FB. =) i share most of my photos on FB.  i share most of my thoughts on Twitter.


        Moving on, It took me so long to post this photo about 

           A shoe, A dress, Sunglasses and a Prada Handbag.. ♥!

                       HAHA! Finally, got the chance to do it...

                     So much fun , I feel blessed. =')


Friday, 2 March 2012


 Pejam celik pejam celik!sudah masuk dua hari kita berada di bulan tiga tahun dua kosong satu dua!
God bless you has a chance to breathe oxygen secukupnya
terima kasih ya tuhan :) 


I wish y'all good night in twitter but I'm still awake in Blog world! 
I did try to sleep for a few second there but I don't know..
Suddenly felt like updating my blog so here I am!
This is about my photography in the forests during the past two to three weeks before

Ahhhhh..I think I really do need some sleep right now! Hope you'll enjoy these pictures as much as I've enjoyed taking them and I promise that I'll come out with a better and 'rajin' entry in the future provided that I have enough sleep and rest and of course the most important thing is ENOUGH FOOD!! Good night and may Allah SWT bless us all!

Much love from me ARA !