Sunday, 29 May 2011

engagement AGAIN..?!

I know I might be a little late to blog about this, but hey, it's better than never, no?
so, yeah, maybe some people(I don't know if there's anybody) might be wondering whenever I tweet-ed about "auwhhh, sweetnya diorang ni tweet" or something that makes people curious(seriously, who would be?), it was about Zahiril Adzim and Shera Aiyob that got engaged, erm, when? I don't know but it was in Ipoh.
I am a huge/big/fanatic(I know, I'm fanatic at almost everything -__-) fan when it comes to blogging and so, which I loveeeeee to read Zahiril Adzim's blog.  Love his writing, his perceptions, his thoughts, and yes, Shera Aiyob, you're soooo lucky!

Damn girl, I must say you're veryyy piwiittiiiiiiyyyy

Wan Afiq bila kita nak macam ni??! eh VERANGAN. jealousnya tengok diorang! so sweett!

Sama cantik, sama padan

ahhh, kay lah sikit sikit sudah, jealous habis dah ni. hehehehe, suka tengok orang happy2 ni, and yes, I suka tengok diorang tweet, sumpah comel. Semoga bahagia and cepat kahwin ya! ;D




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